Choose Yourself, Mama

By Sarah Ingram


Motherhood is a series of constant choices. From the moment you become a mother, you’re presented with a barrage of decisions. Speaking from my own experience, and you may have a completely different story, I searched everything online! I would read endless blogs, forums, and any material I could get my hands on to know better so I could do better.

Making the right choice for yourself and for your child is stressful. Especially because those two don’t always seem to coincide perfectly. What’s best for baby sometimes doesn’t fit mama’s schedule, or what’s best for mama (self-care) sometimes doesn’t work easily with baby. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get done!

Some decisions come wrapped up in a nice and tidy box complete with a bow, and you just know exactly what to do. Others are wildly messy and unpredictable, and you’re torn right down the middle.

Choice Paralysis

I remember we had a “Dudes N Diapers” party when we were expecting our baby (think baby shower for men and you bring diapers instead of gifts), and I was asked which brand of diapers and wipes people should bring. I made up my mind on a perfume-free, sensitive formula and let everyone know. Phew! An easy decision for me. Then I had to make decisions that weren’t so straightforward. Who was I letting in my daughter’s life as an influence? How was I going to approach gentle parenting and discipline? What pediatrician is best? Should I bottle feed or breastfeed? Should we do baby-led weaning? I could go on for hours.

Am I Enough?

We start asking ourselves if we did enough for our baby and for ourselves. Did we choose to give hugs and reassurance, keep the environment clean, and nurture our minds? Did we give enough space to let them just be, and share enough energy to get all their wiggles and giggles out? Did we hold onto the fleeting moments and write them on our hearts?

That’s what it really boils down to, though. That aching, incessant question: Am I enough?

I’m here to remind you that you absolutely are more than enough on the good days and the bad days. You are enough when you make a wrong decision, and you are enough when you make all the right ones.

Choose yourself, mama

Today, I’m asking you to choose. Choose to say, “I am a good, good mama. I made the right decisions. I chose right.”

Often times, if our inner voice was our friend, we wouldn’t hangout with them! How mean and awful we can be to ourselves. It will always ring true that we are our own worst critics. When that voice rears its ugly head, rewire your thoughts into something truthful:

“I am a good mother.”

“I have a thriving career.“

“I am capable of wearing many hats.”

“I have goals I am achieving.”

“My house is a place of peace and love.”

“My needs matter, just as the needs of my child matter. “

“I am brave and courageous.”

“One bad moment does not equal a bad day, and does not equal being a bad mom.
I make well-informed decisions for myself and my family.”

Some of these affirmations may resonate with you. If so, replace the negative thoughts that crop up, with helpful, encouraging statements instead. If not, write a list of affirmations that fit you personally so they’re available and on your mind.

Make the decision to be a good friend to yourself! Be proud of your inner work. Invest in yourself just as you so effortlessly invest in your children.

You are a phenomenal mama; you deserve to hear that more.

Make the choice to never let yourself forget how valued and loved you are.

Choose yourself, mama. You’re worth it.

The Author

Sarah Ingram (AKA The Word Medic)

Hi, friends. My favorite titles I hold are "mama" and "wife." I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, chasing my toddler and my dreams. I traded in my degree in Journalism so I could attend Motherhood University. I anticipate this will be a lifetime of education. I like bad puns, and every Dad joke there is. I’m a firm believer that what mom’s need most is their mental health, so we can show up authentically for our babies. It is my passion to write and forever learn how to be a better mother, for myself and others.