General Inquiries:

How do I return my item?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept returns. We thank you for your support.

  • We are not recycling returns
  • We have our cost of manufacturing and warehousing and royalties to artists, as well as donations to non-profit initiatives focusing on our partners, Crisis Text Line and Project HOPE.

Why does my price increase after a discount is applied?

Discount codes are applied to the total price of the items in your checkout. Any price increase thereafter has to do with taxes and shipping. Taxes and shipping are out of our hands and based on where your item is being shipped to.

Charity-related Questions:

How much of my total will be donated to a charitable organization benefitting healthcare workers?

35% of Helper Tee’s profit will be donated to your chosen organization.

How will I know when our contributions reach the non-profit?

You’ll know. We won’t shut up about it.

Artwork Submission:

How do I submit my artwork for review?

Artwork submissions will be accepted via e-mail to

Will I know if my artwork has been received?

Upon submission you should have received a standard-reply e-mail notifying you that it’s been received. If you haven’t, check your spam folder and then back in with us.

Social Media:

Do you guys have an IG account?

Yes, we do! You can find us @helpertees.

Who can I tag if I post myself in one of your items?

We love our products and can’t wait to see how much you love them too! You can tag us as @helpertees.  


Was your question not answered?

I’m sorry you didn’t find your answers here. Please feel free to reach out to for continued support.