Supporting our community

We care about accessibility and inclusion. Our standard collection allows everyone to become part of the Helper community.

35% of profits (minus 3rd party processing fees) goes to each item's artist and associated non-profit. The biggest way to support our NPO's and artists is to purchase a premium product. Those who purchase from our premium collection will be supporting a lot more and purchasing a premium-quality product.

We absolutely appreciate your support.

Why We're here

Helper Tees exists to create a shared community of empowerment as we each grow through our unique health journeys.

We believe in furthering health literacy, which is why a large percentage of proceeds from sales is dedicated to physical and mental health resources. Check out our health and wellness blog to start your own journey.

*Finding happiness in health with Helper Tees*

Join the community

Our community is hugely important to us and we want you to join! There are many ways you can become a Helper T: by purchasing an item, you are already donating 35% of the sale (minus 3rd party processing fees) to the charity of your choice.

Have a creative idea that embodies happiness in health? Join our community of artists by submitting your graphics to We can't wait to learn from you!

Do you have a self-care routine you'd love to share? Are you a science nerd? Join the conversation @helpertees.

*See your impact on the world with Helper Tees*

A simple Guide to

Health and Wellbeing

Ho ho hold in there

Ho ho hold in there

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Your Work Matters, Mama

Your Work Matters, Mama

Today I made a healthy breakfast. Plot twist, my toddler actually ate it all. I cleaned the floors, washed the dog, and did two loads of laundry. I...

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