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Join our friends Bonka, Stori, and Kibou on their own health journeys! These books provide a safe space for our littles to learn about their bodies in a way that helps them feel less alone and more understood. But how? Join “Stori” as she teaches her friend, BonkaWonkaGonka, all about the benefits of self-care! Up Next? Follow Kibou as he empowers little Lucy to explore her BIG feelings surrounding anxiety and grief!

Alongside these empowering duos, we hope to inspire littles to learn how to take care of themselves holistically. After all, Stori said it best, “My body and mind can connect to feel better, we’ll show you what happens when the two work together!” Magical things can happen when our minds and bodies work together–imagine what could happen when we work together too! By openly sharing our big feelings, we hope to teach our kiddos that it’s always okay to ask for help from our friends.

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Providing our littles with the knowledge and skills to understand their bodies and minds empowers them to make smart choices about their own health, encouraging a lifetime of healthy habits. Through health literacy, children learn to tell the good information from the bad, enabling them to navigate tricky health choices with confidence. We believe that teaching these skills to our kiddos through fun stories can set a strong foundation for a healthier future.

bridging the divide

Our children’s books are here to help bridge the divide between brain and body. We hope that these stories help our littles to understand how our mind and body have to work together to stay healthy. Too often, one outshines the other, leaving our kiddos with a very one-sided view of their health. The health impact of this narrow picture goes beyond stories; All too often, we see a large divide between the brain and body in health literature, prompting discussions in the real world about the importance of the intersection between mental and physical well-being. With your help, we’d like to address this gap. With these tales, we hope to help children everywhere see the big picture, and encourage them to care for their whole well-being, instead of just a small part of it.

Prioritizing health literacy

In an ever-changing world, one’s ability to understand health information directly impacts how empowered they feel in navigating a wide range of choices, from nutrition and exercise to medical treatments and mental health support. By encouraging health literacy, caregivers can empower children to choose smart sources and get the most out of their doctors’ limited time. This sets them up for success when it comes to their overall well-being, and gives them the confidence to tackle any challenges that may lay ahead in their health journey. Ultimately, prioritizing health literacy lays the blueprint for children to lead the charge in living longer and healthier lives.

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